Wednesday, December 17, 2003

The ending of A.I. - Artificial Intelligence

Yep, you guessed it, spoilers.

This was posted to the Harlan Ellison board mentioned below. It's on this archive page -

Frank Church
- Friday, April 25 2003 12:53:5
I cannot believe such great film geeks miss the subtle irony in that last part of AI. The sentimentalism is a sick joke, prepared like a poison apple, from Spielberg to his critics, who think all he can do is weepy stuff. Let me go through this, and you tell me how sentimental this is:

Sure, David is finally loved by his Mommy (not actually his "real" mommy), but at what cost? The human race is dead, and David is the last vestige of human emotion run amock.

Notice how the uber-robots are clear thinking and rational, while David is irrational and nutty. David has truly become "real" because he has aquired the same selfish human emotions that drive man to all sorts of dastardly deeds. It doesn't really matter that David has wires, being "real" is just a matter of context. To a child, a teddy bear is real as well. Notice how some people cherish the teddy bears they had as kids; even more then their own kids. "Real" is merely a matter of opinion. David is real, because he exists, and in that fact, he is real. Isn't man merely a machine made out of organic parts? It is the needs that drive man, that make him human. And with the human race long dead, David is as real as can be found.

Look at David's sick little smirk on his face when he turns himself off, after the fake Monica tells him that she loves him. Does that make you all choked up, or does it make you want to choke him? Look how he left Teddy all alone. Bastard. Tell me that is greeting care material?

The human race is dead. Ice covers the earth. Man is a "genius" say the uber-bots; even though man is history. David is shut off. Teddy is alone. Gigolo Joe is turned into a scrap heap. What does this tell us?

Spielberg is laughing at us. This is bitter stuff. And that is why I love it. It says something dangerous. Man only loves himself; real love is merely a ruse. We better find out about what love is, or we are all doomed. This is the genius of AI. You have to think when you see this film. Spielberg is not holding our hands this time. Irony is lost on this country.

I won't necessarily swear by every word there, but that's the idea. Fucking absolutely!

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