Tuesday, December 09, 2003


So, enough with that crap! Where's the joy? Where's the guy who told everyone about the coming of Gojira, huh?

Well, ok...

You know what sequel almost no one credits as being as good as or nearly as good as the original? "Sequel" by Harry Chapin. Just a thought.

Of course, no one mentions Henry IV, part II either. Do you suppose anyone bitched about that at the time?

Why do some people like comics and others don't? And how much truth is there to the notion that if there were comics that appealed to more people and placed where they could find them that they'd get into them? How big is the untapped market of potential regular readers?

Look at me, I think I'm pretty over-the-edge now in my early 30s, but seriously, it's been on and off for me all my life.

As a pre-teen, I read MAD Magazine and Conan The Barbarian (mostly "Savage Sword Of Conan") - making my instant and enduring love of Groo The Wanderer pretty self-explanatory - as well as Mike Grell's "The Warlord", but it wasn't more than a passing thing. You read comics sometimes, watched movies sometimes...

Sometime in my late teens I discovered some other things, E.C. Comics, Alan Moore, Mike Grell's run on Green Arrow, Frank Miller and such. That was a fun little run but nothing that meaningful... just comics.

Then I was trying to write a story that never would come together in any form... and I decided that maybe comics were the way. And I pushed myself... it was odd, because at first the format didn't even read well for me anymore. It was like a language I spoke in another age.

And mostly to my girlfriend at the time's chagrin, I broke the barrier. It was here that I learned the joys of continuity and it's banal minutiae. I discovered Jack Kirby, y'know, for real. I discovered Maus and Strangers In Paradise and Neil Gaiman and Will Eisner and Scott McCloud and Garth Ennis and a whole world of history and intrigue and excitement... but most of all good stories... too goddamn many good stories if you ask me.

My life would be a lot easier if there were just the two good comics and I could read and re-read them and be done with it.

The joke is, I don't have any special love of superheroes, and my falling head over heels was well after the shift to comics being a medium predominated by superheroes. I mean, sure, there's actually plenty of wonderful things out there besides superheroes, if you look... but you do have to look now.

And how many people ran to see Spider-man when it came out? A lot more people than have purchased a Spider-man comic in the last ten years, I know that.

Is there a point? I dunno. Is there ever?

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