Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Sweet times!

I saw The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers - Extended Edition at the theater today. Not just the theater, The Cinerama.

Yep, it's better. In fact, it's just ragingly better than the original theatrical version.

I left the theater, almost a year ago with the weird kind of ambivilance one gets from seeing a movie that was merely great but they expected to be super-hell-a-spectacula-riffic. Some of my concerns were lessened on second viewing, but they all were upon seeing this vastly improved and, honestly, super-hell-a-spectacula-riffic version.

The theatrical version never seemed to slow down or gain nuance, relying largely on the nuance the first film had started already. This version had plenty of quiet moments and things everywhere that just enriched every character in it. The theatrical version also felt like someone stopped to make a big rousing speech every couple of minutes, while this didn't have that at all, despite having all of the same rousing speeches... Heck, even adding a new one, come down to it.

Most of all, there seemed to be more Hobbits. The theatrical version was a really rousing epic about the men who stood alongside and fought with the Hobbits. This version enriches the stories of all the Hobbits in a way that restores a great deal of how the story is supposed to go.

But don't listen to me, check it out.

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