Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Will Eisner, Rock Legend calls Will Eisner "The Elvis of comics". At least the review on their page for Fagin The Jew claims they do, and it seems like the kind of error you'd fix yourself if it were wrong, doesn't it?

It seems wrong to me, though. Maybe partially because the two media don't work that well as analogies for one another, but still...

Isn't he more like the Chuck Berry or even the Willie Dixon?

In all honesty, Stan Lee seems the best choice to be "The Elvis of Comics". He took what was developed and brought a kind of noticable new quality and took the limelight in the mainstream publics eye, for better and for worse.

Yeah, that leaves all the people Stan worked with to be Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly and such.

Personally, I'd nominate Jack Kirby to be Little Richard in comparison. He was around as a significant force at the very beginning but got pushed to the side of visibility by the more marketable superstar.

Of course, all of that leaves the Silver Age to be comparable to the '50s, which was the official beginning of the Rock & Roll era. I think that kind of works, though, if you think how close the rhythm & blues and even the Country of the late '40s were getting to what became Rock & Roll and/or Rockabilly...

Yeah, it's not a good comparison all around. That's why I said that.

I still think the comparison between Eisner and Elvis is flawed. Everyone who listens to Rock & Roll knows something about the King. Eisner's still a somewhat more background influence figure.

And I like to babble.

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