Friday, January 02, 2004

As Nancy and Frank sang...

I found myself surfing to this article here. Religious misconception.

I love stuff like this.

It's all so rich in naïveté. People spend all of this work thinking this shit through in their minds and that's the best they can come up with, it'd be sad if it wasn't so fucking hysterically funny.

I mean, it makes a body really feel like going all out religious.

Seriously. They have no conception that their conception of an omnipotent deity is just as limited as the most neanderthal God Hates Fags twit. All one has to do is realize that the Universe could be slightly more complicated than just Good vs. Evil and their whole discussion falls over like a house of cards.

And this still passes up the very likely possibility that the nature and balance of the Universe - good, evil, greater goods, greater evils, basic free will - is beyond any human understanding, whether there's an omniscient being watching over it or not, and people a lot smarter, more learned and wiser in the ways of the world have been pondering this shit for thousands of lifetimes, so it's absurd to think any kind of breakthrough will be made by pretentious college students with American public school educations.

Why do we even pretend that Americans get anything like a worthwhile education? Our colleges and universities spend too much time fixing the grievous errors in the way people think, as inflicted by our public schools, to actually get to a point where anyone has really gotten a decent real education.

And then we send nitwits off armed with some mediocre ideas and no way to use them off into the world thinking that they're better than the people with no ideas to impede them on their way to doing nothing important.

The whole thing should scrapped from top to bottom. To start off with, we should kill everyone who thinks they got a decent education, in this country at least.

Interestingly, I went to Disinformation in the first place because a work friend brought in 50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know by Russ Kick that they endorse and distribute. It's one of those books that blends the somewhat interesting with the quite interesting and mixes in way too much banal and obvious to be as much value as you can tell it's supposed to.

The best "thing you're not supposed to know", to my view was that "The 10 Commandments" are not the familiar 10, well, commandments we know.

Exodus 34 (King James quotation linked from the Bible Gateway) seems to bear this out. I'm sure there's them with a way around this, since Bible folks have a crafty way of showing how everything means what they say it means rather than what it would seem to any reasonably intelligent reader to mean, while still claiming it's literally true in every word.

It's called hypocrisy. God frowns on, I read somewhere. That's a discussion for a whole other day, though.

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