Sunday, January 25, 2004

Dennis Miller announces that he has no testicles

Dennis Miller to Give Bush a Free Pass.

What the fuck? A free pass?

Al Franken gives Miller way too much credit here.

It's one thing to have a conservative streak. It's one thing to have your conservative streak blossom into a more fully conservative nature. It's quite another to say you're going to give a specific politician a pass.

Seriously, have any other policitical commentators or political comedians actually outright given someone a pass? That's not having a political leaning, that's being an intellectual coward.

The sad thing about all of this is that so many otherwise intelligent people have let 9/11 not only change their worldview, which is understanbable, but strip them of their ability to reason or question or think for themselves.

I was changed on some level. I've basically been against modern wars, and I wanted the people responsible "eliminated". I'm far enough to to the middle or the right or wherever to agree with him there. I just wanted to see the real war on terrorism.

This president obviously hijacked our legitimate feelings and abused them to kill even more American citizens over his personal vendetta that has nothing at all to do with 9/11 or terrorism.

That's obscene! It may be the single most crass, dispicable and morally reprehensible act any president has ever committed while in office.

Falling for this evil demonstrates a lack of reasonable thought on Miller's part and that takes away my respect for him. Giving the president a pass, that's just dispicable. There's no justification for that. That leaves me with nothing but disdain for him.

It's too bad, he could have been a thoughtful and funny spokeperson for the populist right, now he's just another tool of a corrupt government.

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