Wednesday, January 14, 2004


I had quite the day yesterday.

First, I went to The Triplets Of Belleville, which was fantastic. I went in knowing very little and had a very good time. It's utterly compelling, fantastic, imaginative, funny, poignant, blah-blah-blah! Go see it. Please!

It was also opened with "Destino", a realization of the project Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. The main reason I own The Fantasia Anthology is because I was hoping there would be sketches and/or animatics from that on there. This was also wonderful to see. It was absolutely wonderfully realized, with the kind of fluidity, wonder and majesty that made the best Disney animated films so wonderful and which, despite their alleged renaissance, they still have never recaptured.

The I saw a free screening of Along Came Polly. I didn't care at all for Meet The Parents. It was obvious and loud and mean-spirited. So I was, at best, skeptical of this one. Basically only the lovely and talented Jennifer Aniston gave me much hope it could have much life to it. And I must say, it was actually pretty sweet.

Sure, it had some over-the-top comedy moments. They blended with the more straightforward story much better than most movies I've seen in this ilk lately, though. End result: Funny, basically charming, good performances. It's worth renting or seeing at a matinee if that's specifically what mood you're in.

Oh, and Hank Azaria is, as always, brilliantly funny. The guy is amazing. And apparently has gotten super ripped while I wasn't looking. No, I change my review, pay the $10.00 and stay through at least the first 20 minutes just to experience the comedy genius and super-sexiness of Hank Azaria. Then you can leave if you like.

Then I watched most of the original Dawn Of The Dead. I'm still waiting for the Anchor Bay box set, especially since I've never seen the European cut that Dario Argento did, not to mention being able to own both the theatrical and Cannes cuts. I may have to rent this Digimax version that Anchor Bay is releasing as a stop-gap, though, if only because they're saying it has the commentary. Man, do I ever love that movie.

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