Friday, February 27, 2004

Being Opie means never having to say you're sorry

Ritchie Cunningham takes a big ol' stinky dump on our chests and calls it breakfast.

Fuck, I'm sick of this guy! If he didn't cast his brother in all his movies, they'd have no merit at all.

Ok, I exaggerate. The shitty western had a lot of good actors all trying dutifully to get past the embarrassing script they had to work with. I actually thought there was a decent story hiding in there, but I suppose it was the one John Ford already told.

I could say a ton more, but I don't suppose it much matters... It's too long. The shootouts are confusing. The escape attempts are poorly characterized, implausible and redundant. The story mostly takes place for its own sake.

Sure, there's some attempt to make the Native American characters three dimensional, but it's mostly pretty pathetic. The only thing I really walk away with full satisfaction in was how well they handled the idea of none of the authorities caring about their plight, but even that was maybe underdeveloped...

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