Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Hot Skin in 3-D

Next week is my birthday. Woo Hoo, or some shit.

I'll probably have to hold off doing anything to exciting, or buying any presents for myself - probably Angel Of Retribution by Judas Priest and/or Return Of The King: Extended Edition (less face it, much more likely "or" than "and" on that one) - until the middle of the month sometime.

Anyway, aside from spending the day chilling out and maybe accepting a couple of nice phone calls and whatever, maybe rent a movie if I don't have anything around already. But I have found my treat.

The Friday and Saturday following, The Egyptian Theatre is showing Disco Dolls in Hot Skin... yep, in 3-D. I'm making this one happen. 3-D porn for Neil's birthday. Good times!

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