Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I'm back!

Being sick took a lot out of me. Some obscure strain of strep throat. How does a person get this shit?

Some thoughts -

I'd support a Constitutional Amendment to make all "marriages" as performed by the government to be "civil unions". That sounds to me like what they really do anyway. Let your church decide if it's a "marriage" or not.

Otherwise, it does seem like a good State's Rights issue, doesn't it? Does anyone else wonder how many of the middle-of-the-road voters who oppose gay marriage think it seems like that, too or do they really think W. just shoot his spunk all over our most valued National Document. Of course, conservatives knee-jerk reaction to amend the Constitution shows how morally bankrupt they are and how their hypocrisy is not just a constant reality but is, in fact, absolute.

I like to imagine that points of disagreement are necessary to a thriving debate and healthy society. That is, in fact, what I believe in principle, but there are so few genuine principles bouncing around in the Republican Party it's disgusting.

Not that I'm all fire impressed with Democrats these days, mind you, but come on! Ralph Nader can lick my sphincter! There's a time and a place for these things. There does indeed need to be alternative voices out there, from all over the political spectrum, however if George W. Bush has proved anything in his presidency, it's that he's worse than Al Gore would've been... by a very, very, very long shot.

Bush must go. That has to be the priority. This is the time to choose the lesser of two evils, because the one evil choice is so unbelievably evil that it is our moral duty to ensure it is driven away.

Ok, I'll move on to fun stuff.

Have you seen the Shake Your Blood video by Probot? Man, does that ever rock! Lemmy is The Man!

Speaking of Probot, Dave Grohl's amazing Heavy Metal project, I was looking at the official Celtic Frost page - Frost's Tom G. Warrior being another contributor to that project - and I think Tom maybe gave the best answer to the question of musical influences I've seen by an artist. Check it out -

"My musical influences are, of course and correctly, Black Sabbath, but also and heavily the Beatles, also very heavily the Who, Roxy Music (1970s experimental phase), 1970s Pink Floyd, 1970s hard rock (UFO, Nazareth, Blue Öyster Cult etc. - anything dark), 1950s and 60s swing music. I guess The Who, Roxy and Sabbath were the most important things to shape my understanding of Rock and total wildness (The Who). True influences, to me, are the things one grows up with, the music that subconsciously enters your blood when you grow up and start experiencing life and the world. Only much later do you realize that you have received certain influences. I always see interviews with musicians in which they claim very recent "influences". To me, however, that's copying or repeating. Real influences are far deeper, they form much earlier. It was bands like Motorhead ("Ace of Spades") and Rush ("Caress of Steel"), however, who got me directly into buying an instrument myself, because those were albums I listened to when I was at the age when one seriously contemplates to start playing, too."

I'm in a dark, dark metal place. Beware.

Otherwise, I've caught a couple of flicks.

Companeros by Sergio Corbucci is a kick ass load of fun. Franco Nero and Tomas Milian have great chemistry and Jack Palance as the pot smoking bounty hunter with a grudge is absolutely worth the price of admission.

Ridley Scott's Matchstick Men is the kind of movie I hate to complain about. The acting is fantastic, and it's good to see Nic Cage doing the acting thing again. The characters have a surprising depth. The story moves along briskly. Unfortunately, with a grift movie, you've gotta stay ahead of me, and they didn't come close. The richness of the story as story and performances still make me almost want to recommend it.

I'll probably go see Mel Gibson's ego-fest soon. I have a feeling it will be as one-dimensional as his last one, but it's hard not to want to see...

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