Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Conservative vs. Liberal Humor

Is it just me or do Republicans have no senses of humor?

I do my best to follow both liberal and conservative opinions. I read the conservative columns in the newspapers and consider each view in turn and decide how much I like what about what they're saying. There certainly are intelligent and well-spoken conservatives out there.

And certainly there's a plethora of liberal humorist who rely on "Bush is a big ol' poopy face!" as a punchline, which isn't that impressive, but there are any number with real senses of humor.

Conservatives tend to rely on "And he's wrong!" as a punchline, which, well, it isn't. Case in point, Dennis Miller. The guy used to be really funny. Now, not even a little. And Al Franken's right, Dennis always had a conservative streak, but it came out in jokes. Now, "He's wrong!"

Maybe losing his sense of humor made him a tightass and that's why he's a conservative now.

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Richard said...

Humor is humor because in the midst of the punchline we find a bit of truth. So if you are liberal, you fail to see the humor in conservative jokes because you do not see the truth in it. I personally find Franken hard to stomach. So you laugh along with your like thinkers and I laugh along with mine. I believe there is a chasm between left and right ideologies and that there is little to no common ground on which to exchange ideas and so both sides resort to name calling.

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