Thursday, March 11, 2004

Probot rocks!

Has anyone else gotten this?

Even with a little excitment building it up in my head - as noted here - this still totally rocks. "Red War" with Max Cavalera, "Ice Cold Man" with Lee Dorrian, "Big Sky" with Tom G. Warrior and "My Tortured Soul" with Eric Wagner are probably the ones most rocking me through and through... although I might have burned myself out slightly on "Shake Your Blood" with Lemmy early by watching the video over and over.

It's an interesting blend of old school metal styles that really go together surprisingly well... and it's one of those albums that sounds better with each listen I give it. I've never been more than a casual Foo Fighters fan, so this is quite a pleasant surprise.

I guess the complaint people are writing up is that it doesn't break any new ground, but sometimes it's refreshing to hear someone doing something in an old style and really nail it. I hope it succeeds well enough to encourage similar projects in the future and bring more attention to the talents of those who chipped in.

All the songs have grown on me in one way or another. Stand outs for growing on me are "Centuries Of Sin" with Cronos and "My Tortured Soul", neither of which appealed to me that strongly on first listen but are among my favorites now. I'm still a little disappointed in "Sweet Dreams" for not being as theatrical as classic Mercyful Fate or King Diamond stuff, but it has grown on me quite a bit. The same with the "hidden track" - think "Nevermind" - "The Warlock" with Jack Black. At first just the fact that such a killer groove gets such a goofy vocal is distracting, but then I learned to hear how they do and it feels absolutely perfect now.

It will never become an album that feels like it breaks ground, though. It is the opposite of the point. It's a tribute to a time period and the sounds created then. I don't think that's a bad thing at all. Some of these singers are indeed out there working to break new ground in the hardcore metal sound in their other stuff and hopefully this will bring them more attention, but that's the only benefit it will have to that.

It is a very good album to turn on and rock out to and that's what's important.

I'd personally check out their webpage - - and checking out more about who the singers are, what the history of the project is, and preview the video for "Shake Your Blood".

Then go out and buy this fucking album!

NEXT UP: The Criswell Seven. That should be a bit of a change of pace. I've heard the tunes in one form or another, but I look forward to holding a real copy and hearing it in it's final incarnation, track order, etc. Check out the site. There are a couple of good tracks to download. They - I think I'm supposed to pretend he's a "they" - have a cool Velvet Underground via Neil Diamond vibe that's hard to resist.

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