Monday, March 08, 2004

Random crap

We watched Alien vs. Predator last night. I can't say I understand the storm of hatred this got. It's not that bad. In fact, having watched both Predator movies recently, I think it's actually better than either of them, especially in its handling of the Predators.

I think part of the issue, I just had no hope at all that this would be good. I just don't like the ____ vs. ____ concept. It creates a specific dramatic necessity that's a pretty big stretch to write around. This does so in a perfectly serviceable manner, I thought. Mind you, the Alien stuff was pretty weak overall, but whatever... I didn't expect something worthy of Ridley Scott from this.

In related news, Freddy vs. Jason 2 has apparently been shelved for the time being, and for the right reasons. It seems they couldn't develop an idea that worked well enough.

The follow-up news on that is this: Yes, Virginia, Quentin Tarantino might do Friday The 13th by Michael Gingold.

Now, I'm not one to believe a Tarantino project is going to happen until it starts filming, but this does say that he's "is in talks with New Line Cinema", so it's not just a project he's idly speculating about to a reporter about. Somewhere else I read that he wants to take it back to its roots and explore its roots in '70s Italian horror movies, most notably Mario Bava's Twitch Of The Death Nerve, which is an interesting take. Certainly the first time someone's come up with something that makes a Friday The 13th movie sound like it could be interesting and fresh in some time.

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