Tuesday, March 09, 2004

The Whip and the Body

As best one can make such a judgment, I believe Mario Bava is probably the best. Arguments can be made for a couple of others, certainly Dario Argento, but all of their work grows out of Bava's.

So, it was a treat to finally see The Whip and the Body, Bava's 1963 creepy, romantic, sadomasochistic, ghost story. Of course, because everyone has one of those, right?

It has a reputation as one of his best works, which is well deserved. It's quite effectively creepy and maintains its mysteries remarkably well. The fact that its visually luscious and perfectly filmed, with the trademark lighting and up-front and open zooms in full effect. Not even to mention the ballsiest day-for-night shot I've ever seen.

I may have to dig into more Bava here soon.

And, by the by, I want dudes in red velvet robes and hoods to bear pall at my funeral, like Christopher Lee gets in the movie. That's badass!

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