Monday, April 12, 2004

I may have another slow period

I'm writing a screenplay on a tight deadline.

I'll acknowledge it. There's a contest. It's been publicized decent, so I'll say... it's to write a movie for John Carpenter.

The Next, Great John Carpenter Movie. Yep, the winner gets their screenplay read by John Carpenter, but that sounds like a good start. I have a story that fits the bill pretty well, but it'll still require a lot of nights of serious writing in the next month and a half.

I'm kind of thinking a mix of Assault On Precinct 13, The Fog and In The Mouth Of Madness, as far a Carpenter stuff... obviously with a healthy dose of Neil in there, too.

It's a solid story with plenty of potential to be done on a much smaller budget if it doesn't win the contest and I want to pursue it from other angles.

Wish me luck.

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