Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Something's Gotta Give

I watched Something's Gotta Give. I managed to miss Nancy Meyer's previous directorial effort, the vapid looking What Women Want, but I have to say this was a pretty charming movie.

Jack Nicholson does a good job playing the "Jack" character that he's gotten so good at playing over the years. No, this is not an About Schmidt style transformation. Diane Keaton puts on an even stronger performance that moved her completely out of Annie Hall territory. Not to mention an even more charming Frances McDormand in a supporting role.

Sure, the story moves through a lot of gaps in characterization without much explanation and yet still feels a little too long. Yes, the faded color scheme that it's all centered around sucks enormous donkey dick. I'm pretty sure someone could have been a more compelling choice to play Diane Keaton's daughter than a particularly odd looking and not altogether formidible Amanda Peet.

And what does the title mean? After watching the whole movie, I still don't know. It's a studio title, tacked on for marketing... but why? What's the draw? I think "Something To Remember Me By" would have made sense and been at least as good a draw. "A Woman To Love" would have made sense, but probably would have been too on-the-nose.

In the end, despite whatever flaws and nitpicks I throw out, it was very entertaining and it charmed me into ignoring its various problems. Am I a sucker? Sometimes, yes. But then, isn't everyone who sometimes.

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