Monday, May 23, 2005

Roger Corman rules!

Roger Corman - Still King of the B-Movies by Tim Troutman.

It's a great interview with lots of good stuff about movies and stuff, but this made me jump up and dance giddily.

T.T. I was having breakfast with Bob Burns, John Goodwin and some other people and we were talking about my son Jeremy in Afghanistan...

R.C. In the Army?

T.T. Yes. We were talking about Viet Nam and the social revolution was such a hard thing for America to deal with in the '60's. Do you think the same thing is happening to us now?

R.C. I don't think so, Because there was much more freedom in the '60's. Viet Nam was clearly unpopular, people opposed the war, the majority of the people opposed the war. Johnson and Nixon, the two presidents the war was fought under primarily did not put the strangle hold on the press that Bush has done. You never see pictures of wounded American soldiers, They don't allow photographing troops as they come back. Bush has never acknowledged the death of an American, or went to a cemetery, or held a memorial service. They quickly learned from Viet Nam, in other words this is sort of "1984" times, we're all clamped down and barely aware of it.

T.T. Can I print that?

R.C. You can print it all.

T.T. I am in a bad place here, my political views are somewhat similar to yours, but I still need to support my son while he is in the service of our country.

R.C. These are my own personal feelings and you can print it. The invasion of Afghanistan was justified, al-Qaida attacked us, and we pretty much had to strike back. The invasion of Iraq on the other hand made no sense at all. Iraq had nothing to do with anything, they were not connected to al-Qaida, there were no weapons of mass destruction, the decision to invade Iraq could be they knew they could be beaten easily. Unfortunately the diversion of strength to Iraq has hurt our efforts in Afghanistan.

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