Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Loretta Lynn's "Van Lear Rose"

You seriously must buy Van Lear Rose by Loretta Lynn. If you don't, well, you suck! You have no soul and clearly no desire to hear great music. Burn in hell, fucker!

Ok, now that we've gotten that off my chest, seriously, this is a great album, and it has everything. There's the sexy rockers like "Have Mercy", which she wrote for Elvis, and "Portland Oregon", which she sings with Jack White, who also produced the album. There's heartwrenching ballads like "Miss Being Mrs." and "Trouble On The Line". There's an intriguing little sing-song "Little Red Shoes" with it's almost spooky guitar underlay. There's flat-out country stompers like "High On A Mountain Top", my favorite track on the album, and "This Old House". And, the nicely tuned autobiographical songs like the title track and "The Story Of My Life".

Ultimately, this is music. Don't read what I have to say. Listen to the goddamn record, fool!

If you're still too skeptical, check out The Official Loretta Lynn Page. They have plenty more articles and testimonials, as well as clips and such.

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