Wednesday, June 16, 2004

More movie notes

I'm testing Nicheflix for the 2-week free trial. I doubt I'm going to be able to do longer.

The region-free function on my DVD is pretty weak, so I'll probably hold off until it works better, and just maybe pick up the occasional special treat at Scarecrow Video, until I get a better region-free player.

I had to watch Dellamorte Dellamore in Italian. That was a rather interesting experience. It actually works remarkably well, and I was able to appreciate the visuals and the music more than I have previously. It's also odd how Italian Rupert Everett seems when he's speaking Italian. I still may need to hunt down the English language version soon, though.

I got to watch the 154 minute version of Duck, You Sucker by Sergio Leone. It's definitely an improvement, but I miss the punchline ending.

The film is a remarkably beautiful and powerful film that's long forgotten and ignored by history. The fun and sweeping parts distract too many from the basic message about revolution and the human cost of both oppression and revolution. It's like two movies in one, and both of them are great.

I also saw Sartana In The Valley Of Death, which I was disappointed by. It wasn't entirely uninteresting, and William Berger definitely has a presence, but it didn't add up to much. I still have yet to see a real Sartana movie, since this one is just a cash in title about an outlaw named Lee Galloway. I'm looking forward to seeing Berger in Face To Face.

I'll let you know about whatever I get next.

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