Friday, June 25, 2004

Secret Window, Fairly Obvious Garden

Yeah, that's a crap headline. Blow me!

So, I watched Secret Window by David Koepp, adapted from the Stephen King novella, "Secret Window, Secret Garden".

Yep. Johnny Depp is good.

Now, I totally dig Stir Of Echoes, Koepp's adaptation of the Richard Matheson novel of the same name. Aside from a really clunky moment of Ileanna Douglas using the word "fatty", it's a solid character driven suspense movie.

This one?

Well. Did I mention that Johnny Depp is good?

He is. Remarkably good. He's compelling enough to make the movie watchable for its entire running time. That's remarkable, since there isn't much to be interested in. The ending seems a foregone conclusion from pretty early on.

It's not terrible. It's watchable, if mostly for Depp's perfomance, but nothing more.

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