Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The (sorta) MC5 Reunion

DKT/MC5 Shows

Here's an interesting review of their Chicago show.

DKT/MC5 at Metro by Jim Derogatis. Especially interesting, since the rather banal Evan Dando was the only thing not exciting about this show.

More than a little worthy of inclusion as a footnote to this is this open letter from Wayne Kramer. I hope everyone who is a fan of this band will give this a good read, as well as the links to the letters from his bandmates. This situation sounds outrageous and profoundly saddening. The MC5 are legendary. Their work is amazing and pure and beautiful. I hope this situation is resolved soon.

An Open Letter from Wayne Kramer

Brother Wayne deserves your respect! The Kramer Report for April 13, 2004 says a lot about being an artist. It also says a lot about being a person.

Interestingly, I'd felt bad, and like a bad fan, for missing that movie when it showed here. Now, I feel much better. Hopefully I'll get a chance to pay due respect and money to the men who deserve it.

Anyway, here's an interview with Brother Wayne and some follow-up notes going in to a little more detail on the legal issues with the film. With touch of serendipity, DKT/MC5 rocks again by Jim Derogatis. It's worth a read.

Honestly, I'm pretty horrified by this situation.

"Warner-Chappell is where the blockage is, and it still hasn't been determined if Wayne even has any rights to the music."

This is somebody hoping he can define a man's songs as not legally belonging to him, so that he can profit off them... all in the name of celebrating him. How do people like that live with themselves? How do they not set themselves on fire rather than force the world to deal with their fucking evil? Why do people listen to them?

What's wrong with the world?

I don't know. The MC5 fucking rocked, though. Go get yourself a copy of Kick Out The Jams, turn it up uncomfortably loud, and feel the motherfucking truth!

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