Wednesday, July 21, 2004

George Romero interview

If you're like me - and odds are that you're not that much, but maybe we're alike in this one way - you don't bother checking the crappy Harry Knowles site very often. There are just too many good movie news and discussion pages out there, why waste the brain cells, right?

Well, that's not always true. For instance, they just got the first extended interview with George Romero following the announcement that the fourth Dead movie is starting production this year. There's a lot of intelligent discussion of the series, the Dawn remake and whatnot. Read on.

The First Extended Interview Regarding Land Of The Dead by, uh, "Al Capone". Seriously, these "spy" nicknames get worse every time, don't they? Read the interview, pretend someone did a spell and grammar check, so you don't get an aneurysm. Relax and enjoy.

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