Saturday, July 03, 2004

Go See DKT/MC5!

Go now! Travel far if you must.

Me? I'm now deaf, but it was more than worth it. What better thing to have as the last thing you ever hear than the glorious music of The MC5?

I left the theater absolutely drenched in sweat, excited, alive, invigorated and amazed. Nothing I will say about the show to follow will capture what caused that feeling. They're simply a great rock & roll band that's as good as they ever were.

They opened their set here with "Tonight" sung by Marshall Crenshaw, who spent most of the rest of the night doing a very nice job covering the late Fred "Sonic" Smith's original rhythm parts and some backing vocals. Wayne Kramer took on the vocals for a very spirited version of "Ramblin' Rose".

For most of the show, Mark Arm handled the lead vocals for the late Rob Tyner. I've seen him sing live several times, most with Mudhoney, although also with the All-Star Tribute To The Sonics, and he's a powerful presence and a great rock & roll voice. Aside from being able to actually have Rob Tyner there, he was probably the best you could hope for.

Several of the more melodic songs were sung by Evan Dando. He certainly handled the vocals just fine, but he had - to my surprise - almost no stage presence.

Chris Ballew of The Presidents Of The United States Of America came out to play and sing on "Kick Out The Jams", which threw the already excited audience into overdrive. At the end of the show, Kim Thayil of Soundgarden came out to play on a couple of songs, including an all-out jam on Sun Ra's "Starship" that finished the main set.

The show finished up for good with the one political speech, preceding a smokin' version of "The American Ruse". The audience was still more than reared up and cheered for an encore and sang the closing lyrics to "The American Ruse" for 15 minutes hoping for a second encore before finally being shooed off the floor by Neumo's staff.

Overall, Brother Wayne seemed to be having a blast, beaming and dancing the whole show through. He absolutely ruled the show, even over Mark Arm and Chris Ballew. I hope he's half as happy doing this as he looks. This was an amazing show, and despite what is a hard hit for my pocket-book right now, I'm really glad I went to this show.

Motor City Motherfuckers, an interview with DKT/MC5 by Mark Arm.

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