Monday, July 05, 2004

Justice League

I don't think I've gotten around to writing about the Justice League animated series. Even as a comic geek, I've never been that fond of team books in general or the Justice League specifically.

And yet, I love this show.

The reason, I suspect - beyond just being a well-written show that understands it needs to be about characters - is that it's science fiction... and that it's old school pulp science fiction with a little heart. There's a good reason the pilot episode pays such conscious homage to The War Of The Worlds by H.G. Wells, as well as, to a lesser extent, A Princess Of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (and the many books that followed it). This show is a real tribute to the legacy of Julius Schwartz.

Anyway, I just watched the season two finale, Starcrossed, and am once again taken in by the spell of this excellent series. They've shaken up the balance of the characters, shown real danger and told a captivating story with adventure and humor.


And now, Toonzone reports - JLU Plot Synopses Released by Maxie Zeus - that the somewhat revamped "Justice League Unlimited" is debuting at the end of this month with new episodes featuring Green Arrow (my favorite superhero), The Question, Supergirl, Captain Atom, Hawk and Dove and likely more.

And most importantly - and for it to be more important that Green Arrow on this page, means it's a big fucking deal - the second episode will be an adaptation of the classic Alan Moore story "For the Man Who Has Everything". That could be the coolest thing ever. If you've read the story, I'm sure you understand. If you haven't, get a copy of Across the Universe: The DC Universe Stories of Alan Moore and read it. Heck, then read the others, the damn book is packed with some of the best mainstream comic writing ever.

This promises to be great!

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