Friday, August 20, 2004

Abortion Foes

This is my all-purpose offend everyone thought, but I can't help but believe it.

The self-styled "Pro Life" people who are against abortions are filled almost exclusively with cowards or liars.

Now, there are undoubtedly people in some safe gray area. There are surely those who think abortion should be outlawed but see it as something short of infanticide. I'd like to see this position defended, in all honesty, but I'm sure there's little room for that to happen.

The only people vocally of the belief that abortion is literally killing babies that I can understand at all, once I make that leap in my imagination, are the people who are out shooting doctors... or at least the ones causing as much disruption as possible. Now, I'm stuck with my belief that abortion is substantially short of infanticide, so I, like most people, ultimately think they're whack jobs...

But, really, if it was legal and not altogether uncommon for people to be able to kill already born babies - let's call it the fourth trimester - and everyone, to some extent, shrugged it off, could you go home at night and watch re-runs of "Friends" peacefully? Like fucking ever?

I couldn't. Honestly, I think I'd be out with a shotgun, trying to stop it. I'd certainly openly support those that did. I can't see how I could do otherwise.

So, either something really is altered after birth to change it from less human to a full human that you can really murder or it doesn't. There's not a lot of middle ground. Sure, there can be some semantic give in there, I suppose. Reasonably, I think nearly everyone believes it's somewhere between the two extremes. But if there is a substantive change in how it's considered than the argument that it is "killing babies" is an irresponsible and even reprehensible lie.

If the change doesn't occur. If it's a human life, then not doing anything and everything within your power to stop it, not just hoping your vote will eventually do something, is an absolutely shocking and inexcusible act of cowardice. Anyone who truly believes that and does next to nothing would be, to my eyes, absolutely without anything to respect. If you watch TV while people are, to your eyes, absolutely literally killing babies, what kind of lowlife motherfucker does that make you?

I would think the very worst kind imaginable.

I don't say this to encourage or excuse anti-abortion violence. I think that's deplorable. I just think people should stop and realize what they're saying or thinking. If you can sleep at peace ever in the knowledge that abortions take place with the regularity that it does than somewhere deep inside you, you know that it's less than murder.

So, well, stop building your arguments on lies and start a real debate. You seem to basically suck now.

Or something... Sheesh! I'm just tired of all the lies, apathy and generally cowardice in this country overall. I'm sure that's why people like the idea of a tough talking president who kicks sand in the face of the littler kids. But when is the toughest talking kid on the playground the one who can really do much when the shit hits the fan? Ever?

I'm really tired of thinking about this stuff.

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