Friday, August 20, 2004


Ok, I wasn't confident about this, but I'm quite sure now that until the other night, I hadn't seen Dragonslayer, starring the illustrious Peter Macnicol, since I saw it in the theater. I'm not sure I much cared for it then... I recall finding it slow.

Now, I think I rather enjoyed it. The characters were quirky and fun. The pace was light. Nothing to jump for joy about, but certainly nothing wrong. In fact, it even takes some reasonably unexpected - or at least not trite - twists and turns in the story that make it a little more enjoyable than most of its ilk.

I think, like a great number of adventure movies, it suffered by being compared to Star Wars without substantial reason. I think it's pretty solid all-around.

Now, the DVD itself is pretty weak. The picture is pretty muddy and the sound mix is abysmal. Hopefully someone will release a nicer one someday. Until then, rent this someday for a little fantasy action.

Kick back, relax, have fun with it.

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