Monday, August 16, 2004

Green Arrow Fan Film

I was surfing around The Official Mike Grell Website, which I highly recommend, it has a lot of fun stuff to read and look at. But what do I know? I'm a huge, drooling fanboy.

Anyway, there's a link there to a Green Arrow Fanfilm. There's just a "trailer" up now, but it was well done. It definitely takes its cues from the Mike Grell era, with the hooded costume and a story that seems to suggest a Longbow Hunters adaptation.

The music is good, but more Danny Elfman than I would have gone with. I would think a more Celtic sound with just a slight rock edge would have been most appropriate to the character... not at all unlike some of the instrumental songs that Steve Earle has done, in fact. I feel a little bad criticizing it, because it's an amazing imitation of that full, rich orchestral Elfman sound. It's just not quite the vibe I'd have gone with, that's all.

I also didn't understand why they made Black Canary a reporter. Perhaps it makes more sense in the full 15-minute film planned. I don't know... Reviewing it as just the trailer, I can't help thinking it was just to get Dinah Lance in there as well as that piece of reporting.

I do basically like that they went with Star City, despite the fact that my original attraction to Grell's Green Arrow being the Seattle locale, and the look is impressive. I look forward to the full short.

I've always thought an animated Green Arrow series would rock. I've wanted to do one myself, starting off with a nice 90-minute adaptation of The Wonder Year and move along through some wacky detectively adventures with Speedy and into Hard Traveling Heroes, "Longbow Hunters" and beyond. It may be the richest superhero tapestry on which to work. Pulling it all together as a serialized story would be a lot of fun.

For now, I'm enjoying the fact that he's on Justice League Unlimited and sort of wondering where in his continuity the animated version is supposed to be. I know he must be in some variant animated continuity, but they still must have him plugged in there somewhere.

It's all I have. I gave up reading the ongoing after Judd Winick sacrificed Ollie's true character, as long established in comics, for a fan rumored version of him for Green Arrow #28.

Read the review I linked, for more on that. Jayme speaks my thoughts exactly, "After Grell left the original run of the title, suddenly everyone had the idea that Ollie constantly cheated on Dinah left and right. Which, as I've gone on at great length other places, isn't the case. He came dangerously close with Shado, but never willingly gave in to his desires. He resisted Poison Ivy and her meta-human pheromones..."

Bad, bad writing. I don't have enough money to spend it on the writings of someone who neither understands nor respects my favorite superhero. Maybe someday...

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