Monday, August 09, 2004

Justice League Unlimited - "Initiation"

I finally saw the first episode of Justice League Unlimited. I offer now, a couple of thoughts...

I like the very opening of the credits, where it starts off as if it would be like the old credits and expands out to show a long, long line of heroes. That works really well... certainly, it's striking as a contrast when I watch this first episode. The new music is fine, but not quite as good as the old music.

The episode itself is a classic. It was great to see Green Arrow, still my favorite superhero, in action, and while his voice wasn't exactly what I've been imagining all these year, I liked it. I'm very excited to see more of him. They did a great job with the character and his relationships with Batman, Green Lantern and Captain Atom, who is obviously being set up to replace Hawkman for the classic liberal/conservative fights of old.

I'm not sure how the half-hour episode set-up will work over time, but this episode certainly worked just fine. I can't wait for the next one... especially since it's "For The Man Who Has Everything"!

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