Monday, August 09, 2004

Local TV Kids Shows

Ok, in Seattle, we had a long running weekly yuppie rag that cost 75 cents a week and was mostly boring. Then along came the hip city rag, The Stranger, which was free and young and hip, and the crappy yuppie one decided to compete on that ground, they tried to be edgier and became free. Unfortunately, Seattle Weekly is still far too rooted in banality and yuppie bullshit to actually be edgy, so now its neither... Mind you, The Stranger has gotten weaker, too, but that's a story for another day...

Anyway, every year, Seattle Weekly has a "Best Of Seattle" issue, which is almost entirely stupid. There's, of course, almost no useful "best of..." information, merely what's most popular among semi-hip affluent Seattlites. Who cares?

This all is leading to the subject at hand. This year, among their celebrity "best of..." articles, was a brief interview with the great Stan Boreson, host of "KING's Klubhouse" and King Of Scandinavian Humor, Most Resistant To Makeovers by Rick Anderson, which, among other things, brings up the issue of the loss of local kid's shows.

In Seattle, there used to be a lot, including J.P. Patches, the only one who survived long enough to be a favorite of my generation, Captain Puget and Brakeman Bill. I think the loss of these is sad in a number of ways. I think that with their limited budgets, they were required to come up with a lot of creative ways to entertain...

... but one of the biggest losses is just in public appearances. I remember being a kid and seeing J.P. Patches and Darth Vader at some event in town. I remember knowing that the I was getting a chance to meet J.P. Patches and that Darth Vader was just some dude - and not Dave Prowse - in a costume. I think there's something special about that relationship with the community and with the kids that's lost to the ages, and I just wanted to briefly eulogize it.

And Stan Boreson does rule. I didn't grow up with "KING's Klubhouse", but I did grow up listening to his records, and they're a lot of fun.

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