Sunday, August 22, 2004

Starsky and Hutch

The cast for Starsky & Hutch was quite game. Admittedly, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are not as blatantly sexy as Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul.

The supporting cast, notably the always wonderful Jason Bateman as well as Fred Williamson, Will Farrell and Juliette Lewis, has most of the best moments... Heck, even Snoop Dogg, Carmen Electra and Amy Smart, none of whom seem even a little bit '70s, when the movie is non-specifically set, seem to be trying to have some fun.

Unfortunately, the script lets everyone down.

It's done in the currently en vogue but almost impossible to work action-parody style. The action movie plot is considered much too important to really get the jokes rolling, but the silliness of the situations and the played-for-comedy acting style keeps the story from being that interesting as an action story.

The original Starsky & Hutch TV show eventually descended into the usual cop-show clichés, but had started off as pretty gritty street drama, especially for its time. I'd definitely suggest checking it out. This movie doesn't really even attempt to parody the show itself, except a couple of fairly obvious moments, instead trying to hit broad and oddly unfunny generic '70s references.

It was pretty sad. I wish it had been funnier. I like the cast a lot. It could have been good.

It wasn't.

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