Friday, August 20, 2004

Zombie movies

I loves me the zombie movies.

Quite possibly more than any other specific weird sub-genre, which is saying a lot, since I loves me the weird sub-genres.

I, in fact, have two seperate ideas for zombie movies I'd like to do someday. The epic "Song For The Dead" and a smaller hyper-low-budger indie one. They're both on the shelf and probably need to stay there a while.

Recent days have brought movies like 28 Days Later and the fun but very uneven Dawn Of The Dead remake and a shiny new DVD release of Fulci's classic Zombie.

And upcoming days will bring Shaun Of The Dead to the U.S., a abso-fuckin'-lutely amazing 4 disk DVD release for Romero's original classic Dawn Of The Dead, not to mention, the biggest, most amazing news of all, the beginning of production on Romero's fourth "Dead" movie, tentatively titled Land Of The Dead.

This is an amazing time to be a zombie movie fan... but probably a shitty time to be a zombie writer...

Ok, if one were already established, it would be a good time to go in and make a pitch and a quick sale. For a guy writing spec scripts in his free time... Shitty.

So, I'll just sit back and watch the show. It looks to be a damn good one.

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