Thursday, September 16, 2004

Johnny Ramone, RIP

I've been trying to think about what to say about Johnny Ramone's death for the last 12 hours. Hopefully I'm not your source for Rock & Roll news, so I'm not breaking this for you.

And hopefully I'm not your source for insight.

The Ramones are one of my all-time favorite bands. Absolutely perfect. Brilliant.

And Johnny's guitar playing was always amazing. Seriously. That's exactly what I love in guitar playing. Just ripping it up.

Joey dying was very sad. Dee Dee dying about broke my heart. I don't really know what to say about Johnny, though. It's not the time to say I always thought he seemed like a dick and I never really connected to him as a personality and human being the way I felt I did to Joey and Dee Dee.

The world has lost one kick ass guitarist. We should all acknowledge that and realize the world is indeed a little bit less than it was.

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