Thursday, September 09, 2004

More Green Arrow and The Question

Ok, I saw "Fearful Symmetry", the most recent episode of Justice League Unlimited. It was nearly awesome.

Now, Green Arrow and The Question were clearly actually awesome. I am thrilled that they got Jeffrey Combs to play The Question. I'm also glad they took a fully Steve Ditko fashioned approach to the character.

The story itself was an interesting conspiracy thriller, perfect for the two very different kinds of vigilantes. Unfortunately, Supergirl really never went much of anywhere in the midst of all of that.

What I'd really like is to split off a group of non-powered (or semi-powered) DC characters - my suggestions would be Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Question, Nightwing, Arsenal and Oracle with back-up from various other characters from here and there, such as Jack "Hacker" Marshall, Richard Dragon and The Vigilante - and have them be a more urban kind of Justice League. Sure, leave Batman to the League, he fits in his own kind of way, and, sure, have very specific superhuman characters for very specific appearances...

Hey, Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Question and Dick Grayson as Nightwing are all already established in the animated universe now. The Barbara Gordon Batgirl is, too, so I might do little explaining of her transformation at first. Apparently The Vigilante may be making an appearance on "JLU" before too long. That only leaves Arsenal, Jack "Hacker" Marshall and Richard Dragon to explain to the audience.

Yeah, it'll never happen. But, hey, if anyone from Warner Brothers Animation or Cartoon Network is reading, shoot me an email. I'll have the best proposal you ever saw on your desk, all you have to do is ask. I know "JLU" is only committed for one more season. This could be the follow-up.

Or, hell, it could be one exciting hour, with "JLU" holding the beginning of the hour and this - Ok, my hypothetical proposal really lacks for a name - backing it up. Hell, start of with a big crossover, breakup episode. Then I'd still get the excitement of new episodes of "JLU" to feed my soul... best of all possible worlds... Hell, I like this better than my older "Green Lantern/Green Arrow" series idea...

Until this little bit of crying out into the ether is answered, I'll work on my real stuff and see where it gets me... or I'll post on here about my fantasy projects as a way to procrastinate from working on the stuff that could actually be doing me some good...

You know.

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