Friday, September 10, 2004

The Punisher

Ok, I saw The Punisher. Yeah, the new one with Thomas Jane and John Travolta. The one I now can't be sure why I didn't see in the theater.

Ok, the basic idea the writers took was to blend the Punisher's origin with the Welcome Back, Frank mini-series that Garth Ennis wrote in 1999. All of that actually fits together remarkably well. In fact, if I were writing a sequel, I'd probably go ahead and do Ennis's Army Of One storyline The Punisher War Journal style... in fact, I'd title it "The Punisher War Journal".

Not that I suspect they're clamoring to do a sequel to a movie that only barely made back its budget at the box office. But they should. Thomas Jane really had the stuff a good action hero is made of and the character actually has more than could be explored... or, at least, played around with.

My complaints were mostly early on. I think the original story of the origin of The Punisher is more powerful, with Frank Castle coming back from Vietnam and having no particular connection to the mob. The FBI connected, revenge for revenge story is a little less meaningful to me, and could have had a real effect on how the average viewer took this story.

That said, it was fun, and if I were a money makin' man, I'd pick up a copy for my permanent collection. I mean, John Travolta even showed up to act for this one. I was pretty happy about that.

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