Saturday, October 16, 2004


I'm a big fan of the Italian thriller genre, giallo. Along with a comic book zombie story, and assorted other half-finished things sprawled across my computer, I'm plotting out a story heavily influenced by it.

Recently, I watched two movies that basically fit the genre. The Case Of The Bloody Iris and Sleepless.

It's an interesting comparison of how ideas and execution can be so far apart. If I were a producer looking at treatments for each film, I'd have greenlighted Sleepless in a second. It was directed by the usually brilliant Dario Argento. The plot was interesting, the mystery well structured. Easy call.

Unfortunately, the movie itself actually sucks - something I've never said about an Argento movie before, although I haven't seen his much derided version of Phantom Of The Opera, so who knows? - in a most profound way. Mind you, this is undoubtedly marred further by Artisan's obscene decision to release it on a fullscreen DVD, but, really, the full visual beauty would undoubtedly served it better, but it wouldn't improve the atrocious performances in this.

Bloody Iris, on the other hand, would seem a mess on paper. The mystery is kind of generic and leaves too many loose ends. But somehow, when you're watching it's quite taut and enthralling.

It goes to show... something, I'm sure.

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