Thursday, October 21, 2004


Brian Wilson has finally released SMiLE.

Having spent much of my early 20s poring first over the remains that existed on the released albums, as bonus tracks, and eventually bootlegs trying to piece together what this thing should come together as, I was anxious about actually putting this CD into my player. This was The Holy Grail for me.

Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks had put together everything in an order that they felt was right, fixed up the transitions, etc., to create what will now be the final version. Wow!

I must say that I thought it lived up to everything. Even without lead vocals from Carl or Al, and with Brian's voice not having been up to his '60s standards in some years, it all comes together. The songs, as recorded here, are as beautiful as I've ever heard them. The order flows perfectly. The transitions are fun and create a real unity.

I haven't had the time to properly absorb it, but then I'm not sure I'll ever properly absorb it fully. It is a sublime album, filled with beauty, wonder, a special vision of America, and lots of things to just, well, make you smile.

It's fun.

It's supposed to be fun. Enjoy.

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