Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Frank, Robert and Sin City

For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the upcoming movie, I've been reading and re-reading Frank Miller's Sin City books.

In previous readings, I've enjoyed them, but I can't say they ever quite sang. They didn't capture my imagination beyond an entertaining read.

Honestly, I don't know what was wrong with me before.

So, I've been helplessly pondering the movie.

I know Robert Rodriguez, especially with Frank Miller at his side, is capable of making this movie work. Unfortunately, he's the most frustrating director in history. You've got El Mariachi and From Dusk Till Dawn, which, if nothing else, prove him more than able to deliver exactly what the series demands. Unfortunately, many of his recent works make me nervous...

And then there's nudity.

Nudity is rampant in the comics.

And not just my junior high school booby obssession and the stripping - From Dusk Till Dawn certainly showed he can do a big strip scene in which the stripper never shows anything - but there are important parts in which the nudity emphasizes the character's situation. Bruce Willis went the full distance in The Color Of Night, and the scene from That Yellow Bastard that he'll have to play, should be played the same way. It will lose a lot without it, but will Bruce do it again, and would the MPAA let it go through? Doubtful. And that doesn't even count the fact that the stories being adapted include at least three important strip scenes in which an entire club should be captivated by the performance. Can he pull that off once? Well, yes. Three times? That's gonna stretch it a lot.

This is Sin City. The trailer demonstates he can capture the moodiness and the look, but can he - does he have the balls to - capture the seediness, the sin?

I will be there to see.

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