Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ten influential albums of my life

I was asked to "name ten musicians, bands, songs, albums, anything like that that really influenced you in your life."

Here's my shot. I altered it from my original answers -

1. Rubber Soul - The Beatles.

This could have been nearly any Beatles album, but this is the first one I actually owned.

2. Pyromania by Def Leppard.

This is the album that turned me into the rockin' fellow I am. I could have picked 1984 by Van Halen, which may have been more important, but came later by chronology.

3. Ride The Lightning - Metallica.

What can I say? This was where I went from being a pretty standard metal guy into a metal geek who listened to all the details.

4. The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees - The Monkees.

It's not their best album, but its where I discovered everything that lay beneath the surface, and it is actually a kick ass album.

5. Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys.

Oh, come on! Does this even need an explanation? Suffice it to say, I discovered when I was 18 and had just had a bad breakup.

6. Ramones - The Ramones.

Awesome! Not my first punk album, but the first one that seemed to capture everything true about me.

7. Bleach - Nirvana.

What can I say? This changed everything in my world forever.

8. Apocalypse 91...The Enemy Strikes Black - Public Enemy.

Yeah, I was late in the game on rap. This album was pretty hard to ignore, though.

9. From Nashville To Memphis - Elvis Presley.

Yes, the answer to the question is, "I am an Elvis guy", and this is the one that sold me. Sure, the '50s stuff is probably better overall, but the continuing excellence in a period that is generally dismissed is just amazing to me. Its packed with barely known songs, most of which are as good - some even better - than the hits.

10. Train a' Comin' - Steve Earle.

Not my first Steve Earle album, but the one to bring me a near religious experience.

Wow! Ten is pretty small number. For the record, the one that got cut from the original list is Southern Rock Opera by Drive-By Truckers, although there are tons of other influential songs and albums missing... Most were not included because they didn't bring about a change in my thinking or listening, just continued, or even improved, my existing thinking and listening habits.

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