Friday, November 19, 2004


It's not terrible.

Mind you, it's a thumbs down, but not nearly so far down as with Lyne's other work. Perhaps the fact that it didn't have any twists helped. It's utterly predictable nature was merely in keeping with the standard of mainstream melodrama.

Ultimately, what failed me was merely the perspective.

In movies, people who are vaguely dissatisfied, but not truly unhappy, have these weird affairs with insipid, but attractive, people that they meet on the street. Does anyone in real life? I mean, anyone!

It just always feels so phony to me. A person you work with or are in a book club or a volunteer group or something... That person could start to fill a kind of void before one even fully knew they had more than a friendship and a flirtation.

I guess real people do this, but I have utterly no relationship to it. It's like watching a movie about scat fetishists for me. Well, ok, I have less of a hard time understanding wanting to fuck Olivier Martinez than I do wanting to take a dump on someone, but I don't understand actually doing it any better.

So, in the end, her stupid decision distanced her from me as a character, and then his utter insipidness distanced me further for the fact that she was still able to be infatuated with such an empty soul.

The only person I really understood was the Richard Gere character, and he didn't get enough screen time. It did pick up about three quarters of the way through when the focus actually is on him. The whole movie about that could've been pretty good.

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