Monday, December 13, 2004

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Yeah, it's absurdly late, but I just finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and it has me a little wound up. I could tell the whole tale of why I read the others immediately when they came out and I'm now well over a year late reading this one, but that seems unimportant now...

I think I ultimately feel about the same about this one as I do about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Neither are quite as good as simple reads as the others, but I suspect both have even a little more to say about the overall story of all seven years, so it's a bit of a trade-off. I'm certainly firmly back into Harry Potter love, and it's a really engrossing book.

Anyway, I for those of you who have read all five, I've recently been pointed to this page, K2K: 7 Moves = 7 Years, which has some very interesting theories about what the ultimate outcome of the stories will be... or what the underlying mysteries will be revealed as, at least. I was skimming them, carefully avoiding key spoilers - so I need to reread them - and I did begin to lose my initial skepticism. The people who devised the theory have thought an awful lot about this, and interestingly enough, even though this has been up since the beginning of this year, it still has not been debunked on J.K. Rowling's Rumours Site.

However, a couple of things convinced me, the rebuttal linked on that page from "anamchara" that can be read by clicking here, another by "kai_z" can be read by clicking here. "cindale", however, nails down the exact point I came to when I read the exact quote cited, in this response. Ultimately, I don't think the theory can fly on its own.

However, there is probably nuggets of the truth in there. I suspect that Rowling hasn't debunked it, not because it isn't true, but rather, she'd have to reveal too much by omission in order to debunk the things that aren't true... Perhaps the interesting part will be seeing what elements hold some truth... although just watching it unfold is a joy in itself.

NOTE: I have, as I'm sure you noticed, not included any explicit references to the theories or included spoilers for the books in this post. I will not be so kind in any discussion taking place in comments.

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