Monday, December 20, 2004

I hate Creationists!

No, I fucking loathe them with a flaming passion that I can't begin to express.

I don't hate religion. I hate everything about Creationism. It is the very soul of ignorance.

I've had the Freedom Fighters community on my LiveJournal Friends Page for a while. I liked the idea, but the actual posts mostly bore me. Too bad.

Finally, "croliss" posted this poorly written little screed, Atheism In Danger Of Being Ruled An Official Religion.

"Atheism is a religion. They believe the world was created by chance, they believe that human beings originated from single celled organisms. They gather, they discuss, they defend their points of view, they worship God in the same way (which is they refuse to worship God) and have the same belief of God (in which they believe there is no God). And as of late they have been rather Paul-ish by attempting to push their views on others and tell them they must believe this or else they are simply ignorant, their minds are imprisioned, they are just plain wrong. With this origination theories or hypotheisis would be allowed to be introduced in the class room, unless all theories were touched equally or atleast brought forward. Also with this ruling it would reset the scales of secularism by becoming all inclusive rather than exclusive."

That "paragraph" probably needs to be broken in two, but is only a fraction of the paragraph as written by Mr. Croliss. This stream of consciousness bullshit is reprehensible and ignorant on every level.

"Creationist Science" have as much relationship to each other as "morass" has to "my ass"! Changing the name of the same godforsaken bullshit to "intelligent design" is a load of crap.

But letting these people grow and dismissing their utterly meritless arguments as mere nonsense and unworthy of argument has allowed them to go relatively unchallenged in their caves of evil. They must be brought out into the light of day and openly mocked and scorned, as the foolish and ignorant always so richly deserve.

Anyway, I recommended, and will always recommend, Isaac Asimov's brilliant essay The Threat of Creationism, as remedial reading on the subject, even if that transcription is indeed poorly edited. Sadly, this essay is even more timely today then when it was written in 1981.

Oh, well... I can't think about this any more. My veins will start bursting.


Anonymous said...

dude i totally hear you. i cannot stand creationists or what they are doing to this country. you hear about how some jackass wants to distribute 50,000 altered copies of the origin of species to universities on its anniversary? every time i hear shit like that in the news it pains me to think not only how people like this are living in the dark ages, they are trying to spread this ignorance. i also agree, religion is a good thing and i have nothing against it. i am all for religion. however i am also a geologist, and its really sad to hear about these creationists and their complete ignorance to science. the bible says, god created man from dirt. well, thats pretty much what evolution proves, right? how we rose from the earth over billions of years of natural selection? i hear you man. creationists suck. i googled it, and got your page, and thought id let you know your not the only one. keep it real

Anonymous said...

Can't see the harm in believing that ?god made us. At least it shows thzat you are more precious as a being than the result of mere chance. I don't expect to agree with me, but I thought I'd say it anyway.

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