Wednesday, December 29, 2004

"It smells like Bigfoot's dick!"

Ok, tonight it was Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy. I saw the fancy-schmancy unrated version.

Now, I was very surprised to see my local Blockbuster Video - not where I rented from - with a big poster advertising the unrated version. I thought maybe Blockbuster was getting into the game. Now that I've seen it, I'm not sure they hadn't just seen this "unrated version" and declared it completely benign. This barely deserves an "R". Hell, I would've happily voted it a "PG-13", if I was on a jury, but maybe that's just me.

It says it has nudity, but I didn't notice any. Not a bit. Not a flash of Will Ferrell's oft-exposed buttocks. Not a party guest running by in the altogether. Nothing.

Maybe I blinked.

The closest thing I saw was an pretty nice shot of the side of Christina Applegate's breast as she moves during a fantasy sequence. Hardly something that couldn't have made it into a "R" movie. Hell, barely something that couldn't make it into a "G" movie!

So, I have no clue what material is so damned uncut. But whatever...

This movie is an example of exactly the thing I was suggesting in talking about Napoleon Dynamite.

Well, no. It's not the better movie. It's the one that's way, way funnier.

It starts out almost feeling like it's going to shoot for the good comedy mode, but quickly dismisses that with its wackiness. It has a wonderful '70s look, with one exception... Christina Applegate.

This is the same flaw as with The Wedding Singer, which is a better movie for being as funny as Anchorman but also being good. Somehow, making up a modern actress to look period is more upsetting to people than seeing modern actors.

It's not the fault of her face or body. The "Afternoon Delight" video featured on the DVD has a very convincingly '70s Applegate. Apparently a co-starring role in a feature film would just tax the makeup department too much, though.

There's no real way for me to praise what's good about the movie, however, without giving away the jokes. Suffice it to say, Paul Rudd is one of the highlights.

It's not a solid good movie. It's just an hysterically funny one.

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