Friday, December 24, 2004

Peter Pan and Harry Potter

I watched the new Peter Pan. It's very good stuff. It definitely understood and developed the themes of the story, and also told a heck of a yarn. It's also not afraid to move into the dark areas of the story, and not merely skim their surface.

May I also mention, however, that Jason Isaacs is ridiculously talented. His performance as Lucius Malfoy as well as in the dual role of George Darling/Captain James S. Hook are all distinct and almost unrecognizable as being the same guy in three different guises, and yet all richly nuanced and three dimensional.

That guy is awesome!

Also, maybe it's reading one's own opinions in, but in the interview with J.K. Rowling and Steve Kloves on the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets DVD, but there definitely seemed to be an unspoken relief at working with Alfonso Cuarón instead of the crappy Home Alone jackass. They seemed to pointedly stop short in their praise of the final Chamber Of Secrets film, and even both seemed to get kind of ansy, like they wanted to say more, when discussing the downplaying of the mudblood plotline in the final film.

Who knows?

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