Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Rollin' down the street...

Let me just say, if you haven't heard "Gin And Juice" by The Gourds, well, you're missing out.

Stephen King turned me onto on the commentary for the first episode of Kingdom Hospital. It's one of those fucked up records that you turn on the first time for the novelty value and laugh, but then it sneaks up on you and it turns out to work even better as its own record.

And, I never liked the Snoop version. I'm not much of Snoop Dogg fan, but I recognize his skills... and always found "Gin And Juice" entirely lacking. This, however, is the shit. It sounds like The Band in full out hillbilly mode.

Hey! How the fuck did Music From Big Pink get left off my most influential albums? You can take almost any of those off and replace it with The motherfuckin' Band!

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