Tuesday, December 07, 2004

"You don't smoke weed?"

Ok, every once in a while - not too often really, but enough to see a discernible pattern - some filthy street person will offer to smoke me out in exchange for money or food or whatever commodity is in demand at this moment.

Somehow, my disinterest in making this specific exchange with this specific person always elicits the same surprised question, "You don't smoke weed?"

This question always leaves me a bit confused, because it wouldn't exist outside the smoking of marijuana.

If a stranger who hadn't bathed or changed their clothes in weeks came up and offered to, say, sneak into a dark alleyway and share a sandwich with you in exchange for, well, anything, and you were to, rightly, refuse, there is no chance that they would come back with, "You don't take nourishment from food?"

But then I'm always a little taken aback that the notion that I might not smoke dope somehow elicits this level of surprise. It doesn't seem that shocking to me.

Of course, it's the very fact that the question is phrased with such amazement that always stops me from just answering, "No", which is the only answer any sane person should give under those circumstances, and give some complex, "Well, not really... I can't say that I wouldn't under..."

Oh, what the fuck? This isn't my buddy. I'm not trying to accomplish anything close to a level of honest, deep communication about myself. I wouldn't share his goddamn sandwich and I'm not going to smoke his weed. I'm not going into an alley with him.

And I really pretty much don't smoke weed. I just don't really like it much.

Who cares?

I reckon people who are, among the aforementioned group of sane people, but who still see cannibis life as part of their identity must respond to that in some compelling way, like, "Oh, I smoke weed!", which gives them an opening to sell them on the idea.

Dumbass stoners.

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