Monday, January 17, 2005

Freaky Fridays

Also saw the new Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan.

Now, my first reaction when I heard about this wasn't offense at the idea of a remake, but merely disappointment that they hadn't found a way to get Jodie Foster to play the mom. I still say this would have been brilliant and worth whatever it took to make it happen.

However, Jamie Lee Curtis is great!

Basically, the movie works as a showcase of two actresses having a blast with the concept, and, as such, this movie totally works.

However, the original Freaky Friday is a genuine classic, and this never matches that. The story is a little more obvious and heavy-handed. As the teenage love interest, Chad Murray is simply no Marc McClure.

But sometimes you have to let that go. What this movie lacks in that kind of perfect synergy of a moment that the original managed to catch, it usually manages to make up for with a kind of exuberant energy that leaps off the screen and makes you just kick back and have fun with the whole thing.

If you've never seen the original, go out and find it. Lord knows, I think I need a fix of that grand '70s Disney confection right now. For one thing, apparently the DVD does have an interview with Jodie Foster - YAY! But this is a good way to have a little movie giggle, and that's worthy of solid praise.

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