Sunday, January 16, 2005

Just some stuff

Mark Evanier wrote a very smart take on the FCC "investigation" into Vince Neil using the "F" word on "The Tonight Show". Investigation?

You can check that out.

I did see Garden State, which fell short of blowing my mind. Partly I think it needed a rewrite to take some of the dialogue one step back, just a little less on-the-nose. Partly I think, between my reaction to this and to Napoleon Dynamite shows that I just have less patience for self-conscious quirk these days.

Mostly, though, I think I'm not by nature numb. I've often been miserable, but rarely numb, so I don't quite relate to any of it. I have further thoughts, but I'm not really feeling like getting into it now. I seriously would be interested to see what Zach Braff does next as a creator, but I think he needs someone to prod him to do better.

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