Monday, January 17, 2005

Kurt Busiek is smart

I read this today... It's under the title John Byrne: Naïve or Bigot?. I followed up from a very funny story about the inordinately talentless Rob Liefeld linked by my friend Erech, which you can read right here.

Anyway, the subject is the new movie of The Honeymooners starring Cedric The Entertainer, Regina Hall and Mike Epps. This movie may or may not be good, who knows? John Byrne apparently said, however, "Isn't it about time Black people got insulted by Hollywood constantly pillaging White culture for material? Doesn't this say 'Black culture is barren -- nothing we can use there!"

This could be debated for a while, and apparently was.

However, Kurt Busiek, it is said, stepped in with what can only be the final word:

"It's like re-doing 'Romeo and Juliet', but about New York street gangs. * Or The Seven Samurai about cowboys! * Or 'The Honeymooners' about cavemen! * Taking a dramatic or comedic situation and translating it to another culture or setting or ethnicity simply never works -- why, imagine doing 'The Odd Couple' about black men. * There are no divorced black men, and none of them are slobs or neat freaks, or live in New York City. All that is white culture, like on 'Friends' or in Woody Allen movies. This is what happens when we allow something as inherently British as 'Man About The House' to be translated into 'Three's Company', replacing British culture with California culture. That just erodes standards -- what's next, 'The Tempest' in outer space? * Blue collar couples in the city, dealing with marriage and work and friendship? Could never happen with black people."

Yep. You said it!

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