Sunday, January 16, 2005

"Land of the Lost" season one

I also finished Land Of The Lost - The Complete First Season.

What's remarkable to me is less how good it is, although it does hold up remarkably well, all things considered, but how much effort was clearly put into making it into something as interesting as possible. From bringing in talented science fiction writers like Larry Niven, D.C. Fontana, Ben Bova, Norman Spinrad and Theodore Sturgeon (who didn't ultimately have an episode until second season) to the, at the time, state of the art stop motion animation.

Story editor and all around talented guy David Gerrold puts a lot of perspective on the process of developing the show and trying to feed its excitement and creativity level within some major limitations. The limits of the action because of the Saturday morning standards and practices and the simple budgetary limits.

It is also fun when he points to "you little buzzard" and "like a bat out of Philadelphia" as censor dodging phrases. I also noted that Holly holds the "f" sound a little long the first time she says "Fat rats!", which later becomes her catch exclamation.

I found myself imagining the possibilities of a movie or another series at some length.

And that's the truly wonderful thing about the show... Not what it shows so much, although the science fiction is remarkably sharp and clever, in that first season, but what it builds in your imagination. The worlds of possibilities it opens up for you. I'd like to think that kids of another generation could share this and get the same out of it. Maybe I'm hoping too much... I certainly hope there are shows that are fueling their imaginations, though.

They're kids. I'm sure there are.

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