Monday, January 24, 2005

More Johnny

Roger Ebert and Mark Evanier both expressed very well what Johnny Carson meant as a performer and in very specific ways.

This one really captures what Johnny meant to us. To the generation who grew up in Johnny's world. This perfectly captures what he meant, and what he was.

Rats by Andy Ihnatko.

Thanks again go to Mark Evanier for linking this one.

You should be off reading it now, though. It's a beautiful and very true piece.

I do feel the need to point out the one thing I've not seen celebrated yet. The way Johnny lit up whenever he had one of those old people with a weird hobby or a kid who won a quirky contest. I honestly think that was his own personal favorite segments. None of those who have followed have had that same respect and even love of people and the ordinary quirks of ordinary people.

Something about that is what most made Johnny important in a way that hosting a show with cheap laughs and banal "topical" humor just can't have. The most important thing about Johnny Carson was that he had a real soul, and he didn't expose it easily, it just snuck through the cracks, but it was there under the surface.

I mean, no one will ever write a memorial with that kind of power about Jay Leno.

And that's not sad for Jay Leno. It's really sad for America. For the world.

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